Are you constantly feeling depleted and unmotivated to work on your daily tasks? Do you find yourself easily distracted and having a hard time maintaining focus? Have you noticed that when you feel exhausted you are also prone to feel unhappy and might also find yourself easily snapping at minor incidents?

Here are 4 ways to help you regain your energy, improve your focus and attention and increase your general mood.

1. SLEEP: Make sure to get enough sleep, ideally 8 hours or more, so you can go through all the phases that help your brain and body regenerate. You will know you have had a good night’s sleep by feeling rested, energized and ready to start your day.

2. EXERCISE: Find opportunities during the day to move. Choose activities that you enjoy such as going for a walk, swimming, dancing, playing a sport, practicing yoga or going to the gym. These activities will help you release the hormones that will make you feel happier, more focused and energized to carry on with your activities. Remember that you will get benefit from these activities even if practiced in short intervals of time (20-30 minutes).

3. EAT HEALTHY FOODS: Focus on adding plenty of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and lean proteins to your meals. Reduce the amount of caffeine, sugars and processed foods in your diet. You will notice that by making small changes in your diet, you will be gaining greater amounts of energy.

4. PRACTICE POSITIVE THINKING: Catch your inner voice, or inner critic, when it shows up to point what you are not doing right. Instead, replace it with your positive self-talk or inner coach, to help you shine a light on the things you are doing well, no matter how small. Practice mindfulness, visualization and gratitude exercises to help you enjoy and appreciate the present moment. These techniques will help you stay grounded and project yourself with hope and excitement about the future.

Today, I challenge you to choose one of these strategies and implement it in your daily routine. Be aware of what changes you may notice and how your energy levels begin to increase. Stay curious when trying these strategies. You will be surprised to learn how small tweaks can lead to great success.

Happy experimenting,

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