As we look back over the years, the signs had shown themselves many times and at many ages. It wasn’t until junior year in college that our son was diagnosed with ADHD. At that time, we were overwhelmed with periods of both guilt and relief. Medication proved to be helpful, but the real progress started when we found Maria. As a college student, and truly an adult, it was hard for our son to share openly with us as parents or take our well-meaning advice.

Maria has made all the difference by providing the guidance, understanding, compassion, and tough love that we could not. She has shone a light on the way to a productive and organized life, using baby steps to get there. Anyone with a college student with ADHD knows the chaos, dysfunction, anger and sadness of seeing your child struggle with real life. It’s truly a journey to forming the practices of living as an adult.

Through her consistently non-judgemental encouragement, Maria has most certainly helped our son discover that he is powerful and now capable of accomplishing everything he sees people around him doing. He is proud of himself! And he now can recognize his missteps and understand none of us are perfect. I can’t put a price on seeing this growth and transformation.  We are still on this journey and we couldn’t have gotten to where we are without her!

D.R. – Parent of 22 year old