This holiday season, while our kids are home, let’s take advantage of this precious time to give them the most special and priceless gift of all, the gift of connection. Whether in elementary school or college, kids young and old will benefit from enjoying each other’s company and place their attention on what is truly important and lasting, family.

Here are 5 tips to help you share the gift of connection with your children:

  1. CULTIVATE TRADITIONS: Establish holiday traditions to create a sense of togetherness and continuity. Whether cooking a family recipe, decorating the house, or watching a favorite movie, these shared activities help strengthen family bonds and create opportunities for younger generations to learn about family history and traditions.
  2. FIND OPPORTUNITIES TO UN-PLUG: Designate periods during this holiday break to disconnect from electronics. Agreeing on leaving phones and tablets in a different room when having family meals, when watching a family movie or playing a board game encourages face-to-face interaction and helps everyone be present in the moment.
  3. PLAN FAMILY OUTINGS: Put together activities that appeal to the majority of the family members. Going on a hike, visiting a local holiday event, going ice-skating or going away for a day trip are great opportunities to change the routine, be away from technology and spend time with each other.
  4. ESTABLISH FAMILY NIGHTS: Look for opportunities to enjoy your time together by having family nights where you play board games or card games, watch family movies, or prepare a holiday recipe together. These opportunities will not only provide a fun way to interact with each other but teach skills like friendly competition and team work.
  5. VOLUNTEER TOGETHER: This is great time of the year to focus on what we have and be grateful for it. Engaging in a community service project as a family not only contributes to a greater cause but provides an opportunity for shared experiences and reflection.

Today, I challenge you to pick one of these tips to help strengthen your connection and family ties.

Wishing a wonderful holiday season!

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