Age 21

Maria’s coaching has been the most influential part of my growth towards becoming a productive independent individual. During each session we are able to work through what went well during the preceding week, and what could be improved upon, which is something I would never do on my own.  Maria’s meetings have helped me by routinely giving me the opportunity to revisit my intention, and learn new strategies for how to stay on top of my work. I would highly recommend them to anyone who struggles with consistency.


Alba Villareal

Parent of 10 year old

Daniel is 10 years old on Autism Spectrum & ADHD. He first met with Maria in person, and now thru Zoom. She has played a big role in our lives helping Daniel and I on social skills, communication skills as well as calming techniques that have come a long way. Daniel has become better at communicating his wants and needs not only at school but at home as well. Maria’s strategies have helped the entire Villarreal family. We will forever be thankful for her and feel blessed to have her as part of your village!



Parent of 13 year old

Working with Maria has been a Godsend for our family. She has a calming and focused presence and is a special person. Her warmth and genuine care for my children, mixed with her extensive knowledge of Autism and ADHD, brought help to us when we needed it most. She’s built a solid emotional and practical foundation for us over time, including teaching strategies to address executive function and social skill deficits. She’s also introduced mindfulness and the importance of gratitude, among a thousand other things. I strongly feel that my children are more prepared for the future because of Maria’s work, and so am I.



Age 22

Before I started working with Maria I never felt as though I had control of my emotions. Things would happen and I would just have reactions to them, there was never a moment when I thought about how I could react, or how I could change the situation for the better. I found myself in the midst of blow-up fights with my parents, my friends, my partner, and while I maybe did not cause the issue I certainly escalated it. I was like a bomb, everyone had to walk on eggshells around me, and I had been told that others did not want to share things with me as they were always worried about how I would respond. In essence I was at the mercy of my emotions.

For the first time ever I can say that I am the one that’s able to de-escalate conflicts. I am able to stop myself from freaking out. But more importantly than that, issues do not bother me the way that they used to. I am able to remove myself from situations and not feel personally attacked anytime someone says something negative to me. This is one of the biggest breakthroughs for me; that I do not have to ride out my emotions but rather guide them in a healthy manner. I was drained emotionally and physically but now I’m more confident and I trust myself.

For anyone else in a similar position getting help does help, but you do have to put in the hours. Maria’s coaching has helped rewire my brain and replace negative actions with positive ones. I act differently now and I feel different as well; I’m calmer, happier, and more enjoyable to be around. The effort paid off and I love getting to share what I have learned with my family to help them as well.



Parent of 13 year old

I first met Maria when my 10-year-old began exhibiting extreme anxiety after starting at a new school. My once happy child was now crying, having stomach aches, not wanting to go to school, and having intrusive thoughts. Completely shocked by this sudden change, I was desperate to find help. I was referred to Maria by a friend whose son had been working with her. She raved about Maria and said she was the best thing that ever happened to her child.

Maria is the sweetest and most caring person you will ever meet. As a pediatric dentist, I am very picky about the people I will allow into my children’s lives. I can instantly recognize when someone truly understands children and their needs. Maria is a great advocate for children. She takes her work seriously and always finds resources and activities that are pertinent to what my child needs.

Maria has taught my child so many wonderful things – meditation, relaxation, guided imagery, positive thinking, self-love, self-advocacy, mindfulness, and gratitude. These are all skills that will serve my child throughout her entire life. I don’t know where we would be now if it hadn’t been for Maria’s help. By witnessing her impact on my child since we started  working with her, I am convinced that she is the number one reason for my child’s progress and improvement. The word anxiety is not even a part of our vocabulary anymore. I echo my friend’s sentiment in saying that Maria is the best thing that has ever happened to MY child!



Parent of 22 year old

As we look back over the years, the signs had shown themselves many times and at many ages. It wasn’t until junior year in college that our son was diagnosed with ADHD. At that time, we were overwhelmed with periods of both guilt and relief. Medication proved to be helpful, but the real progress started when we found Maria. As a college student, and truly an adult, it was hard for our son to share openly with us as parents or take our well-meaning advice.

Maria has made all the difference by providing the guidance, understanding, compassion, and tough love that we could not. She has shone a light on the way to a productive and organized life, using baby steps to get there. Anyone with a college student with ADHD knows the chaos, dysfunction, anger and sadness of seeing your child struggle with real life. It’s truly a journey to forming the practices of living as an adult.

Through her consistently non-judgemental encouragement, Maria has most certainly helped our son discover that he is powerful and now capable of accomplishing everything he sees people around him doing. He is proud of himself! And he now can recognize his missteps and understand none of us are perfect. I can’t put a price on seeing this growth and transformation.  We are still on this journey and we couldn’t have gotten to where we are without her.