Our coaching programs use a strengths-based approach that focuses on the 3 A’s to transformation to help the client move towards their goals.


Everything starts with awareness. Noticing what is working so we can keep doing it—or—noticing what is not working yet so we can “toss” it or “tweak” it.


Any action is better than no action. Helping our brain create a plan to establish small, consistent steps that we can accomplish every day. Celebrating every win—no matter how small—and focusing on the process and not the outcome.


Noticing what supports we need to move forward with our daily goals. Asking for help from a buddy, friend or coach until we are able to become accountable of our own progress.

In our programs, we use our client’s areas of strength to help support those areas of challenge. After years of working with clients struggling with executive function, and ADHD challenges, we have learned that amongst the areas where our clients are experiencing greater difficulty are with their social connections and emotional and self-regulation.

Our programs support our clients not only with executive function struggles, such as organization, planning, focusing, and time management, but also their connections with others. We help clients develop the awareness to identify behaviors that may be preventing them from forming new friendships or maintaining the connections that they wish to have.

We dive deeply into the field of emotions. Many of our clients experience big emotions and have a hard time dealing with them. Our clients learn to identify, name, and regulate their emotions and implement mindful techniques. These techniques help them exhibit the reactions they choose when around others, which will foster them to stay connected and have a greater sense of control.



Why complete a program of multiple, consecutive sessions versus a-la-carte single ones?


Because coaching is a process! Each session gradually propels you to getting closer to your BIG goal.


The key to reaching a BIG goal is to do it one step at a time. Mini goals are address in weekly sessions.