At Rewire ADHD our clients embark in a process of self-discovery where they learn to set goals for where they want to be socially, emotionally, academically, and professionally.

We focus on the client as a whole person, not only someone who may be having a hard time staying on task, making new friends, or handling emotions. By focusing on the whole client, we create a partnership where the client is willing to go deeper and commit time and energy to see lasting results in all areas of their life.


Ages 10 – 14


  • Tired of missing assignments, leaving projects for last minute, having a hard time getting started on a project or finding the motivation to stick with it?
  • Having trouble making and keeping friends?
  • Struggling with managing strong emotions such as anger, worry, sadness and fear?

The kids and teens program helps students gain independence, flexibility, build connections, increase their accountability and manage their emotions.


A highlight of this program is that it uses a TEAM approach. Here parents are an active component of our sessions. Every 6 sessions parents are scheduled for a one-on-one parent coaching/training session or else will connect as part of the student-coach-parent TEAM approach (with client’s consent).

In these sessions we celebrate the client’s progress, and have the student identify any current challenges, obstacles and supports that they may continue to need at home and school. This program fosters independence by allowing students to set and practice the steps to move them towards their goals while reinforcing their communication and advocacy skills. The program also helps students strengthen their connections with their parents as they see them as “allies” in the process.




  • Are you having a hard time figuring out how to balance school/work and social life?
  • Are you struggling keeping track of deadlines, projects and commitments?
  • Are you showing up late to your appointments/classes/meetings or are you simply not showing up at all?
  • Are you having trouble keeping track of daily life responsibilities like paying bills, doing laundry, buying your groceries or cleaning your house?
  • Are you hoping to make time in your daily life for exercise and sleep?
  • Are you hoping to find away to help you turn off your electronics and be more productive?
  • Would you like to have a better relationship with your roommates and make new friends?

The Young adult program focuses on helping you create the awareness of what is holding you back from living the life that you want and designing a plan to help you move forward in the direction of your goals. It supports young adults gain independence, flexibility, balance in all areas of their life, build connections, and increase their accountability.


After over 20 years of working with students with social and emotional challenges (like ASD, LD and anxiety) as well as executive function difficulties (like ADHD) we have realized that students are not the only ones needing support. Parents need as much support as the students to help them handle everyday challenges. Unless parents are able to replenish their own batteries they will be unable to fully support their children.

In this program parents are introduced to mindfulness strategies to access the calm they need to help them interact with their children from a place of understanding and connectivity.

The program will also introduce parents to the coaching approach where they will begin to incorporate the coaching language to interact with their children by being fully present, embracing a mindset of curiosity while leaving aside judgment, blame or guilt.

Caregivers will learn strategies, tools and skills to support their children deal with strong emotions, increase social connections and implement systems to help with organization and planning.

Here parents will be able to access a safe space to openly share their pains and struggles and begin discovering strategies to help their kids navigate the world with greater optimism and understanding.